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Overcoming Mars

Overcoming Mars

A Lynchian comedy about a dancer Elsa who lives in a dream house but most desires a place where she could really belong. When her boyfriend leaves with no explanation, she is on a journey of self-discovery under the thumb of eccentric guru Stephen. Elsa enters the man´s world to live a more authentic way of living.

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Cake - An intertwined story about sisterhood

Sisters prepare a birthday surprise for their father when they found out that their parents passed away in a car accident. The story follows sisterhood and how each of them copes with the loss. Amanda is preparing for the wedding while Emily is enjoying freedom. They are on their path trying to find themselves back.

Cake - An intertwined story about sisterhood

The Last Chapter

Episode from a diary of a young girl. Coming of age film. A story about that being ordinary is ok. An internal story about self-confidence is almost a one-woman story about finding her inner strength and follow her dreams. When she is coming back home, she finds her belongings on the street. She wanders Prague and ended up with a broken back. Fortunately, she finds herself in one girl´s apartment who is around.

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