Three Tips How to Gain Authentic Audience

Carl Jung once said: “All the most powerful ideas in history go back to archetypes“. And I truly believe this rings true also for audio-visual niche creators. In this article, I want to touch on the subject of how to gain an authentic audience by applying the hero archetype. When you are establishing yourself in front of an audience, be it from a position of a YouTuber or building your qualified persona, you become the hero of your story and a hero for your audience.


The hero archetype represents the ego, I, the one, that personal identity that thinks it is separate from the rest of the group. The journey of many heroes is separation from the family or tribe. And it searches for new identity and wholeness. In the process of becoming complete, integrated human beings. In the quest to explore our own minds we find teachers, guides, demons, gods, mates, servants, scapegoats, masters, seducers etc. The hero must incorporate them to become the Self.



Now you probably ask how to apply this to your videos? The key is to understand what qualifies as the hero you are bringing to an audience (more on this subject here) and how to make them identify with you.

You as a Hero are creating a window for an audience into your world and theme. Each person watching your video is invited to identify with the Hero – YOU, to merge with you and see the world of the problem or theme through your eyes. You as a Hero archetype should have qualities that the audience can identify with and recognize in themselves.


  • Firstly as a Hero, you should understand that audience has a universal drive to identify with your problem:


  1. Desire to be love and understood
  2. To succeed
  3. To survive
  4. Be free
  5. Get revenge
  6. Seek self- expression

This is based on the famous Maslow´s pyramid of needs. So ask yourself which needs does your videos meet?

Maslow Pyramid of Needs














Your audience becomes the Hero- You for the duration of the experience. They project themselves into your psyche. So you need some qualities that the audience wants to be like you.  Example from movies that we want to become: self-confidence of Katharine Hepburn, the elegance of Fred Astair, the wit of Cary Grant, the sexiness of Marilyn Monroe.


  • Secondly, you should represent universal qualities, emotions and motivations that everyone has experienced at one time or another. You have to find a way how to incorporate the quality you chose into your video. It will be linked to the problem you are solving for your audience. Basically if you add emotion to the problem, your videos will become unique from most of the videos out there. Trust me with that. List of universal emotions:
  1. Revenge
  2. Lust
  3. Competition
  4. Territoriality
  5. Patriotism
  6. Idealism
  7. Cynicism
  8. Despair


EXAMPLE: if you are doing a lifestyle video about minimalism, you will want to underline Idealism but also it will naturally come to you. You can also tell a personal story about revenge and your journey to minimalism. There are tons of ways how you can achieve any of the emotions.


Generally, people should relate with you based on these emotions.

People are coming to your videos because they want to see universal qualities and uniqueness. They want the story about a real person.


  • Thirdly, there are two very important components of a Here archetype, that you should evoke in people:
  1. GROWTH – the heart of many videos is the learning that goes on between a Hero and the audience

2. ACTION – You should evoke in people need for action. Usually, it is done by inspiring them rather than telling them what to do. Make a serious statement in a funny way etc.



Another important point how to find a connection with an audience is through a SACRIFICE and your FLAWS.

  1. SACRIFICE – is your willingness to give up something of value on behalf of an idea for a group. What do you sacrifice?
  2. FLAWS – Interesting flaws humanize a character. The audience can recognize bits of themselves in a Hero who is challenged to overcome inner doubts, errors in thinking, guilt or trauma from the past, or fear of the future. Weaknesses, imperfections, quirks, and vice immediately make a Hero more real and appealing.


So this was a quick digest of How to Use a Hero Archetype to Gain More Audience.

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