Promising Young Woman or Aristotle’s Parable of the Cave

This will be such a shorter performance, something between personal reflection and analysis on the film Promising Young Woman, which, if you are not completely out other ice, is guaranteed to get under your skin. 
It's the kind of movie after which you won't close your eyes for a few more hours. And as you look at the ceiling, think about whether you also know someone like Nina or you don't have an acquaintance who has an acquaintance.

But now for the point. Culture has always reflected the state of society, and when we look at which films come to the fore lately, we can applaud. I consider it very positive that they appear on sunny films, which are presented from a woman's perspective, on topics that are somehow taboo.
Although from a slightly different barrel, I also think of the film Gone Girl by David Fincher, which has in some respects the similarity of the genre and also the stylization of the narrative. However, Promising Young Woman is more sensitively processed and has several layers of the story. The theme of the film, it is also more acute, does not revolve around itself. It's like the vaccination needle we really "need" so much. It is written with a sensitive hand and it is very visible in the main character. The main character is not a psychopath, but a sensitive woman who is around subdued people. Is this our society?
The environment that is colored in this story reminds me a lot of Aristotle's parable of the cave. In short, after a while, we always get used to what we see around us and simply become immune and blind.
I think it's extraordinary that even movies like Promising Young Woman are getting space. Let me know what do you think about this movie in the comments. 

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