Authentic Photography: What Limits Us in Creating Great Photos?

What if only we carry the answer to capturing the perfect photo?

On the Internet, you will come across dozens of statements by famous photographers about what elements great photography should contain. When entering keywords: “photography course” will return 1,940,000,000 results. And the list could go on.

How many people present us knowing the right definition?

We are defined by a world that ranks photographers among beginners, semi-professionals and professionals. It’s a hierarchy where the one from a lower position looks at it higher. This whole structure significantly limits the creative spirit, because most of us feel that we need to know the right procedures, we need to have the right equipment.

In his book A Lesser Photographer, CJ Chilvers recommends a few rules if you are choosing a course:

– Most books could be blog posts and most blog posts could be two sentences. Watch out for those who waste your time.

– Choose individuals over organizations. With organizations, the content of advertising sales increases

– Cameras will always improve, but will that make you a better photographer?

– Photo tips are the lowest level of education. Often, if you try the opposite of what is advised, you will end up with a far more interesting result.

I’m not saying reject everything, but just take advice that makes sense to you! Sometimes it can mean rejecting everything.


Independence of ideas

It is not money, talent or technical skills, but an independent idea that is a precious commodity.

Try to think about what unique photos you can bring to the world, which professionals don’t take?


A measure of perfection

The camera is often evaluated the first time it is pressed, but it should be evaluated somewhere halfway when you are already living with it.

The generation before us had better photos because they didn’t deal with so many megapixels and light, but they took pictures more spontaneously. Those who say they only take family photos should be applauded. Finally, what is more important?

Although the moments are rejected by galleries and high art, the moments still form the most important moments in history. And often these photos don’t follow any rules.

Try to unlearn the photo and look at the world with your own eyes. The biggest secret to taking a perfect photo is that yours is already perfect.

“Great photography is about the depth of feeling, not the depth of field.” – Peter Adams


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