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Hi, I am Michaela Rihova

Creator from filmmaking background.

I believe in life-inspired creation. I hold a master’s degree in film directing and a bachelor’s degree in fine art new media from three art schools in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

I’ve been dancing professionally for ten years, specializing in jazz, contemporary, and ballet, where I learned how to perceive space in connection to choreography, a valuable talent for choreographing actors as a director.

I’ve worked as an assistant director on a variety of projects, ranging from student films in the United Kingdom and the Film Academy FAMU to high-profile advertisements. I’ve played a variety of roles behind the camera in big-budget films such as Carnival Row, outstanding films directed by English director Mike Leigh, and other Czech movies.

How visualisthink was born?

I worked myself to fatigue, sacrificing creative freedom and time for my own work, and this was the catalyst for the VisualisThink concept to emerge. The most vital asset for any filmmaker or artist, in my opinion, is creative freedom.

No one can guarantee you’ll become a top filmmaker, but I can guarantee you’ll have all I’ve learned in more than 12 years of experience and from the type of education I’ve received. According to statistics, Hollywood is missing out on a great opportunity, for people want to see more of female characters directed by women.

As an independent filmmaker, you have the ability to work self-sufficiently. In a world where films have traditionally been gendered as a masculine activity, I believe that female voices and representations in films and other audiovisual initiatives are important for the enormous potential they hold and represent is much needed in the world.

Goals & Purpose

Cultivating the next generation of women filmmakers in the filmmaking industry by helping them hone their craft, tell stories, and build their own powerful portfolio.

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Get a cinematic exchange of insights, perspectives, and emotions no matter where you are.
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High-valued tips about Filmmaking and Creative Shots

Take advantage of exclusive benefits while discovering the best cinematic resources. Here’s what every aspiring filmmaker should know of.
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  • Strengthen your visual storytelling skills

  • Create an award-winning films and shots

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