Summer, the natural element of fire thus passion. It is perfect for a little bit of nostalgia (especially with Covid situation when the travelling situation is aggravated), memories of young love and slowly passing time in the nook of an isolated village. For a better atmosphere, I have to dig out a super short but sweet poem about summer love.

“Butterflies Rising“

This love,

like summer,

this light, this warmth,

how with you…

It all feels so free.

Here is a list of the 10 best summer movies with a nostalgic romance atmosphere relating to femininity.


  1. Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread directed by Paul Thomas Enderson is a chamber drama taking place in 1950´s England, around the enchanted life of one successful fashion designer house. When he meets an ordinary girl who puts his life priorities in question. Lovely pictures and stuffy atmosphere of a great romance.





  1. Out of Africa

This Oscar-winning older movie (the 1980s) is a hidden gem. Meryl Streep is desperately seeking love in the role of rich woman, so she travels to Africa to meet her unfaithful husband but true love is behind the door. This is one of a kind movie with a little bit of everything – adventure, romance, drama, travelling and raising a question of colonialism. An absolutely outstanding storey taking place in Africa.



  1. Thirteen

Thirteen is coming of age movie. It is wild and brings fresh energy to a viewer.



  1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

This is a super hot movie taking place in Barcelona. Meeting of different cultures when two friends different as black and white fall for the same man, passionate artist. When there comes a beautiful ex-partner to the picture. It is filled with many love triangles and raises questions of love for life and death.



  1. Love Song

New York story filled with beautiful songs and authenticity. A story about platonic love between a heartbroken young woman and a middle-aged alcoholic music producer. They found a common language through their love for music.



  1. 20th Century Women

This is definitely an underground woman movie taking place during summertime. Meeting of a different generation of people with very specific viewpoints on life in one house.



  1. Bright Star

Bright Star, directed by great Jane Campion, is a biographical romantic fiction drama in the 19th century around the last year of poet John Keats.



  1. Only Lovers left alive

Only Lovers Left Alive belongs to my personal favourite with its indescribably intoxicating atmosphere where time stands still. The great love story of a vampire couple married for over 1000 years. A fresh and new perspective on true love. Tilda Swinton is capable of capturing a strong sense of womanhood like any other.



  1. Bigger Splash

Bigger Splash is another chamber romantic drama revolving around swimming pool mystery. In an isolated villa on the small Italian island, a world-famous rock singer is on holiday with her filmmaker lover. She is recovering from surgery and has lost her voice, communicating only by signs and occasional whispers. He is in recovery from alcohol addiction and a suicide attempt. Neither speaks Italian and their solitude is interrupted by an aeroplane from Rome, bringing undesired visitors.



  1. Stealing Beauty

Directed by Bertolucci, Stealing Beauty is romantic coming of age movie. Nine-teen-year-old American is visiting her distant acquaintances in Tuscan´s villa. She is in search of her real father and first true love.




So here you go, 10 BEST SUMMER MOVIES WITH NOSTALGIC ROMANCE ATMOSPHERE. Please feel free to list some of your favourites summer movies that I could analyze.

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