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Do you want to be the next generation of visual artists, filmmakers or other creators? Have you got an inner gut feeling that creative pursuit may be your true calling? Then VisualisThink is the place to be.


VisualisThink is a creative corner with infinite possibilities.

An inspiring playground for aspiring women filmmakers and visual artists where creative ideas and skills meet.


My work at VisualisThink is devoted to sharing ideas and tools to help you understand your own creative path.

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I´m Michaela. Creativity is an important part of my life journey so I found a small corner of the internet for the next generation of visual artists, filmmakers and other creatives to help them attain creative success step by step.
Female Filmmakers

Trio Of Collections

A uniquely designed collection with equality and inclusivity in mind. Buy any item from the collection and the raised money will go into creating sustainable education for the future generations of visual artists. 

A place for raising creative genius by
quality, authenticity and knowledge

A safe space where women support women and where quality, authenticity, and
skill that will allow aspiring women audiovisual creators shape the society through authentic stories.

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